Program Development



Program Planning and Design (Programming & Budgeting)

This service includes several activities: Logical framework analyses (LFA), proposal writing/development; resource allocation system and budgeting. Remdec has provided many consultancy works for keeping program sustainable, gender and social inclusion, and  environmental concern.\

Participatory Technique and Approach

The service aims to improve capacity in conducting various participatory social research and feasibility studies. Remdec consultants/facilitators have a wide array of experiences in natural resource management, rural and urban development,  gender impact analyses, community organizing, social mapping/analysis, participatory rural appraisals.

Program Review, Assessment, and Evaluation

The service aims to strengthen analyses skills on program planning review and improving program strategies. The planning review focus on analyses of program achievements and impact, success factors, good practice and lessons learned, and strategic recommendation to improve program performance. Meanwhile, the evaluation will include analysis and measurement of relevance of program, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, gender, and learning process.