Who We Are

Resource Management and Development Consultant known as REMDEC is a professional consulting institution specializing in the capacity building for civil society organizations (CSOs) and other development actors. It was established by a group of social activists who had long experiences in managing civil society organizations and undertaking social works for social transformation. As individuals, Remdec’s consultants/facilitators have been long recognized as the experts in their own respective fields such as: human rights, gender, public health, disaster risk reduction, good governance, public services, livelihood, agriculture, rural and urban development, education, community development, public campaign and advocacy; and  organizational development including: strategic planning and programming, program planning review and evaluation (Monitoring, evaluation and learning/MEL System), organizational structure development, human resource management, financial system and management. However, the reforms in Indonesia since 1998 rang the alarm of the duty call for a synergy that enables these individuals’ rich experiences and knowledge exchanged and strategically utilized for the development of the capacity of the civil society organizations and other development actors. Currently with the support from TB-Reach/WHO, in collaboration with other civil societies and profession (Lung Specialist Association) starting a social business experimentation in Jakarta to improve the coverage and case holding of TB program.

As a consequence of decentralization, Remdec assumes that it is a mandatory to build a strong networking with other allies throughout Indonesia. The key hubs have been established in the region of Sumatra (based in Jambi), Java (based in Yogyakarta), Central and Eastern Indonesia (based in Makassar, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku).

The legal status of Remdec is Limited liability Company. It was registered and legalized in the Department of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in 1994. The Company was published in the state report of the Republic of Indonesia Number: C2- 7612 HT.01.01 TH.97 in 1997.